What is the Breema ® METHOD?


The Breema ® Method is a comprehensive system that works with the physical, mental and emotional energies of the body to create a profound experience of harmony, comfort and wellbeing. It uses stretching, muscle inclinations, strong touch and soft touch, cheerful and rhythmic movements to release tension, stress and pain.

The work takes the form in different sequences in which the person receiving is just receptive and relaxed (lying down doing nothing), receiving and watching the demonstrations and hints that the instructor makes to one’s (bodywork Breema) and individual exercises called Self-Breema’s. It is practiced on a cushioned surface on the ground with comfortable clothing.


breema apoyandoBreema is a practice to unite body and mind, in order to live the present moment with the aim to fully participate in what balances the body, mind and emotions. When these three centers work together in harmony, we experience a deep wellness and vitality in the body, mind clarity, and an emotional balance. Our being participates in our existence and guides us to higher levels of consciousness, in which we awaken to our true nature.


Breema is based on The Nine Principles of Harmony and in the understanding of the universal principles which breema-barcelona-5govern life and health. It is a simple and natural way of touching and mobilizing the body. It is also an education of the heart, an expression of the unifying principle of Existence. Its purpose  is to create harmony and balance between your mind, your body, and your emotions, as well as the relationship with yourself, others and life.


Instead of focusing on disease or imbalance, Breema helps and nurtures the inherent vitality of the recipient: the person receiving Breema. Through Breema, the energy of the mind, body and emotions find a balance, thus allowing the body to heal itself. Breema is unlike other body working systems because it uses the relaxed weight of the practitioner’s body and other highly intelligent mechanisms, making the use of force unnecessary.


It has been taught since the 80s at The Breema Center in Oakland (California). Throughout the years the method has profoundly transformed the lives and health of the growing circle of people who have studied and received it.


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