What is the Pilates Method?

The Harmonious Life center in Barcelona practices Pilates scrupulously respecting the principles of its creator Joseph Pilates. The method was created by him in the first half of the twentieth century as a technique for getting in shape, to which he called Contrology. Now considered a body art, the secret consists of a system organized to develop strength and flexibility, all aspects necessary to maintain a quality of life Pilates believed that the balance of the individual depended on the balance of the body and mind and this could only be achieved through controlled body movement.


pilates-barcelona-1The Pilates Method consists in teaching the person to move with economy, balance and coordination through basic principles that form the Pilates technique. It is focused on flexibility and strengthening the body through a series of controlled movements that join mind and body.

During the exercises, the focus is on the energy center or “powerhouse,” a physical center coinciding with the center of gravity of the body and located in the belly area. Pilates teaches to strengthen and to work the abdominal muscles creating a belt of strength. One can learn to control the abdominal region and initiating movements from this region avoiding the risk of injury.

Joseph Pilates based his view of the body on five major principles: the development of the muscular balance of flexors and extensors of the lumbar spine; the stabilization and belt implementation of upper and lower limbs; the differentiation of the glenohumeral joint -humeral and coxofemoral; the stimulation of body perception and association of the different phases of the breathing motion.


The effectiveness of the Pilates Method n improving the quality of life began to be of interest to the scientific sector in the 90s, when the first scientific and research publications on the matter began to emerge. It is recognized for preventing injuries in dancers and athletes. Many professionals practice it regularly, as a form of complementary work to their technical training.

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