Pilates Reformer Barcelona

The Centro Harmonious Life in Barcelona offers private classes on the Pilates Reformer machine where we give an exclusive and personalized attention to the student making the most of the ability of each person and adapting to their needs. In the last few years, the Reformer has become a synonym to the Pilates Method in numerous sports centers. It is ideal to improve posture and work the deeper muscles of both the upper and the lower body. It also works on releasing unwanted tension and is also a a very effective tool in rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
pilates-reformer-barcelona-1The machine consists of a sliding carriage on which you can be lying, sitting, kneeling or standing. It has an adjustable bar, springs and straps that create resistance from different points thus ensuring a training of the muscle and a deep articulation, allowing good alignment and flexibility. On the Pilates Machine exercises for the whole body are made, including arms, legs, feet, strengthening pelvic, abdominal and back ground, allowing the entire body musculature to tone up and stretch, gaining both strength and flexibility.


Pilates and Spring Training

pilates-reformer-barcelona-4The difference between Pilates and any other muscle resistance activity is that the load with which the body works on consists of springs varying in intensity and extension. In its full extension, each spring can vary in a weight between 7 and 17 kilos, allowing you to combine and create different resistance for each exercise. Thus, the muscle fibers experience a dynamic contraction when working on the movement. The concentration has two phases: Eccentric and Concentric.

Concentric contraction occurs when two body points come close to each other, or in other words, lifting a certain weight shortens the distance between these two points. When liberating that load, and relaxing the muscle tension, the body points go back to their natural distance, manifesting an excentric contraction.

This process repeats itself by lifting a weight, a can, a bottle or a dock extender. The biggest benefit offered by the latter is not only the type of progressive resistance, but also the assistance. The spring extends progressively until reaching its peak point and relaxes itself at the same time the muscle does, so that it is accompanying and assisting the muscle both during contraction and relaxation
The muscle work done guarantees high security for the muscle fibers which are active, and also helps get a sleek and strong muscle, prepared for injuries, fatigue or high demands.

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