Poyet Osteopathy, also known as Energetic Informational Poyet Method, or as Cranial Sacral Osteopathy from the Poyet-Pialoux Method.

The Poyet method was created by Raimund Maurice Poyet, a French physiotherapist and osteopath who developed his own method based on the Primary Respiratory (MRP) Movement and Sutherland Cranial Osteopathy, with a global focus on the body.
The Poyet Osteopathy is a manual therapy, with a strong base in energy due to the collaboration of Marc Pialoux, this is why many call it the Poyet-Pialoux method.
The findings of Maurice Raymond Poyet incorporateda new dynamic and results. Poyet added softness and decision in the gesture, the craniosacral concept and energy networks; diagnosis, assessment and treatment of the body overall.

The Informational Energy Osteopathy is a therapeutic method with softer manual therapy techniques. The importance of incorporating therapeutic intent in the gesture and the detriment of the applied force became evident to Maure R. during his practice. Along with a with a detailed study of the body and its distribution, Poyet discovered the operation of certain reflex zones. This is what characterizes the now called Poyet Osteopathy or just Poyet Method.fisioterapia-barcelona-2

The foundation of the Poyet Method is the Primary Respiratory Movement (PRM), which is a physiological and rhythmic movement. Poyet saw that the harmonization of PRM is the first step to the balance of the system.

The Poyet Method uses cranial somotopias in the diagnosis and outcome of the treatment. In other words, the existence of reflex points on the skull and face, representing all regions of the body, allow for precise diagnosis of dysfunctional bone areas or a visceral parts of the patient.

According Poyet one must have four levels of listening and attention:

– In the sacrum
– Foot and hand
– In cranial vertebrae
– In energy
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