Logo Gyrotonic, Harmonious LifeGYROTONIC® is a method for everyone. It is adapted to the ability of any person. GYROTONIC® is practiced by people of all ages and of any physical type, from athletes and dancers, to people with disabilities.

GYROTONIC® offers similar physical benefits that come with the practice of yoga, swimming, Pilates, dance, gymnastics and tai-chi.

It works for people looking for toning, flexibility and coordination.

GYROTONIC® exercises make it possible to stretch and strengthen muscles while stimulating the tissues, strengthening and re-educating the joints, tendons and ligaments.cross-grip-stretch2-gyrotonic

GYROTONIC® works large muscle groups (as in current traditional training methods), and will also strengthen muscles from the innermost and smallest parts of the body to the largest and most visible.

Each exercise is synchronized with a specific type of breathing, strengthening one’s coordination, physical ability, cardio-vascular stimulation and neuromuscular rejuvenation.
Main GYROTONIC® benefits:
– Reduces backaches, and allows for a greater and better mobility.
– Defines, tones and shapes your silhouette.
– Strengthens the muscles.
– Rehabilitates and reduces injury risk
– Releases stress and muscle tension.


The movements which can be circular, spiraling and undulating, characterize the GYROTONIC® method, helping to raise the functional capacity of the spine. This contributes to a three-dimensional spherical awareness that dramatically improves both the balance and mobility capacities of each body. Thus, maintaining a healthy spine is the basis of a good quality of life and health.

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