Breema benefits

We present Breema with an emphasis on its greatest, most valuable attribute—its potential to help bring body, mind, and feelings to work in harmony, and raise our level of consciousness. Physical, mental, and emotional health improvement are welcome secondary effects of practicing and receiving Breema.

When Breema is practiced with an emphasis on unifying body and mind, by working with the Nine Principles , its harmonizing and balancing effects are enhanced, and the practitioner can experience movement in the direction of raising their level of consciousness.

Breema can support you:

•When you want to be more relaxed and balanced.
•When you want to increase your energy and vitality level.
When you’re worried, anxious, tense, or stressed.
When you’re facing challenging situations, or in transition, and want support.
When your physical, mental, or emotional health need support.
When you’re ready to make changes to live a more balanced life.
When you wish to approach life from a perspective of harmony, balance, and commonsense wisdom.
When you want experience a deeper sense of connection to life.
•When you’d like to experience a profound sense of well-being.
•When you wish your mind to be clearer, your emotions calmer, and your body more available to support you.
•When you want to bring the influence of the
Nine Principles of Harmony into your life.
•When you wish more moments of being present in your life.


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