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The aim of Harmonious Life is to give support to all the people interested in having a more harmonious, healthy, and well-balanced and being in the moment in their everyday lives.

We live in a society that exerts pressure on us and demands us to always be in a hurry. This causes us to suffer from physical, mental, and emotional imbalances. In Harmonious Life we think that we need time for ourselves so that we can take care of the connection between our mind, body, and emotions, taking us into harmony, balance, and vitality.

We offer a very complementing techniques in our center:


In our personal and professional experience all three methods have helped us along the path to the desired balance and harmony. That is why we are pleased to share them with others so that they can also experience its benefits.

We make the most of Breema which states that : “Real health means only one thing: harmony with existence.”

Salena Gissola Schenatto Irion studied physiotherapist in the Univeristat Rovira i Virgili in Reus (Tarragona), and has a graduate and post-graduate degree in Dance and Pilates instruction since 2001. She was a student of the prestigious Elaine Demarkondes center in Brazil, where she also deepened her knowledge of kinesiology and the anatomy of movement in Pilates. She worked in sports centers and dancing schools in Brazil for many years. She has also worked as a profesor in the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) in Salzburg. Salena is also GYROTONIC® trainer. Salena also studied at Osteopathy (Poyet-Pialoux method) in UIC.

Felipe de Oliveira studies physiotherapy at Universidad de Lleida. He was trained as a forest engineer in Brazil but soon redirected his career toward the Pilates, the Breema and Reiki. He trained in Pilates in 2003, holding classes in different centers in Brazil , the U.S. and Austria. Now he is a GYROTONIC® trainer.

Both instructors are certified in Breema and have been personally trained by Jon Schreiber , director of The Breema Center in California. They have worked closely with him at The Breema Clinic in Oakland, pioneer centre in the USA for over 30 years.

Besides Breema and Pilates instructors, they are Reiki therapists. In 2005 they created the Harmonious Life Centre in Barcelona, ​​the only Breema center in Spain approved to train Breema therapists.

Salena and Felipe first came into contact with Pilates in at the prestigious Demarkondes Pilates center, the only representative of TheMethod ® Pilates in Brazil. Salena trained there as an instructor of Pilates and Pilates Reformer floor machine with the director, doctor, physical therapist and dancer Elaine Demarkondes for two years. Felipe followed her as of 2003 and has held classes in different centers in Brazil, the U.S. and Austria.

Becoming aware of the effect that Pilates has on the body structure, the change in posture and the use of modern anatomy, encouraged both of them to train in the PhisycalMind the Method Pilates Institute.

Salena and Felipe have over 16 years experience in Therapy Breema®. They are certified by the Breema Center (Oakland, California), and have given individual lessons and taught courses, and intensive workshops on this technique to hundreds of customers in Austria, Germany, Spain, United States and Brazil.

They were personally trained by Dr. Jon Schreiber, director of The Breema Center, and have worked closely with him at The Breema Clinic, U.S. pioneer in leading sessions practising this technique for over 30 years. Both are Pilates instructors and Reiki therapists. Salena is also a physiotherapist with a degree in Dance.

Both Salena and Felipe teach Breema at recognized alternative therapies centers such as the Esalen Institute in California (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015), Sivananda Yoga Center in Mountain Encantada Garopaba in Brazil and also in Espaço Rampa in Rio de Janeiro in Brasil.

Salena Gissola Schenatto Irion is a physiotherapist (n º 10227 of the College of Physiotherapists of Catalonia) from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Reus (Tarragona).

In her work as a therapist she joins the deep knowledge of the theory, anatomy and physiology, typical in physiotherapy, with her practical knowledge of body awareness and proper functioning of the body gained throughtout her many years of experience as a BA in Dance, GYROTONIC®, Reiki therapist, dancer, and international Pilates and Breema instructor.

Harmonious Life Barcelona

Pilates 85%
Physiotherapy 95%
Breema 95%
Reiki 30%
Dance 60%

What our clients say about us

  • "I decided to start Pilates to see if I could reduce the lower back pain I had, and I didn’t make a mistake when I chose Harmonious Life. I haven’t had neither lower back pain nor muscle contractures again. The energy Felipe and Salena transmit is amazing and they are always in a really good mood. They are caring, cheerful, and give you a very personal and professional treatment."

    Manel Visa, empresario
  • “I’ve learnt the way to be in contact with my body and mind, mindfully. It helps me register in my mind, the weight of my body.”

    Cristina Camboy, Administrativa
  • "After years of a recurrent back pain caused by a fall, and after going through many therapies, I’ve found that so wanted relief after putting myself in the hands of Salena, physiotherapist of the Harmonious Life centre. The pain has disappeared completely and hasn’t come back."

    Cristina Piquer, empresaria
  • “I started my pilates lessons on a machine due to back problems and low bone mineral density I had. Thanks to Felipe’s and Salena’s personalized attention, I’ve improved a lot."

    Teresa Puértolas, funcionaria.
  • “Breema is breathing, openness and the forgetting of everything.”

    Albert Roig, Escritor y director de Teatro
  • “I started my Pilates lessons with Salena after my second pregnancy and I’m really happy witht hem. The abdominal separation has disappeared completely thanks to the exercices we do on the machine. On another hand, I’ve also learned to be aware of my bad postures, both sitting and standing, which has helped me feel less back pain. I recommend it to everyone.”

    Mireia Campos, comercial

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